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Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist, dedicated to theater, dance, and writing. My artistic philosophy is a harmonious synthesis of recognized techniques and philosophies, extending beyond the stage to permeate every facet of my existence.

Becoming an artist aiming to inspire profound changes in society, I promote critical reflection. I seek to make a significant impact not only in the artistic and educational realms but as an immigrant I’m also focus within the vulnerable immigrant community in the United States.

As an arts facilitator I deeply believe in the inseparable connection between the personal and social identity of the artist in their creative process. In my teaching approach, I integrate practical acting (Body-Voice-Emotion), Stage performance (Staging), and audience reception (Spectators).

I employ the Alexander Technique, seeking the primary interconnection of mind and body, emphasizing relaxation, neutrality, and concentration. I fuse this with Rudolf Laban's movement analysis to introduce aspects of Konstantin Stanislavski's Method and Eugenio Barba's approach, delving into the depths of the artist's psyche to extract authenticity and emotional truth in the creative process, focusing on the organic construction of characters regardless of age or experience.

As a director my vision merge Grotowski's Poor Theatre, advocating for the removal of theatrical excess to reveal the raw essence of interpretation, with the wisdom of Antonin Artaud, transforming theater into a visceral experience serving as a catalyst for introspection and social change through his "Theatre of Cruelty." This challenges boundaries, questions norms, and creates spaces for catharsis and genuine connection.

In the theatrical experience, where the spectator becomes a central part of the performance, the philosophy of Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theatre and Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed deeply shapes my narrative. Viewing theater as a tool for critique and social transformation, my commitment reflects efforts to create works that invite reflection, challenge preconceptions, and place the spectator at the center.

As a writer, I aim to impact the human psyche through my stories, guiding the audience to profound reflections on the human condition. I am committed to staying true to reality, no matter how harsh, and emphasizing our human power and commitment to addressing global societal issues. I firmly believe in the unity of humanity, understanding that what I do for myself, I do for others, and vice versa. My writing is an expression of personal empowerment, rooted in the simplicity of fundamental values: love, empathy, and resilience.

The influence on my educational methodology is marked by approaches inspired by Maria Montessori, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Leo Tolstoi, emphasizing self-directed learning and holistic individual development. The theories of Carl Jung and the concept of multiple intelligences enrich my understanding of the diverse facets of human cognition and expression.

Certainly, Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed significantly influences my philosophy, empowering marginalized voices in the total artistic process (Actors-Audience). Interactive techniques in participatory education deepen my commitment to fostering inclusive and transformative spaces for both artists and students.

Crafting my artistic and pedagogical philosophy, these influences converge into a harmonious symphony. My commitment to the vulnerable immigrant community in the United States transcends mission; it becomes a lifestyle through the transformative power of art.

My philosophy is not merely a statement; it is a manifesto, a steadfast commitment to art as a force for change.

Gio Quezada.

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