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Stage and Screen

The Blue Bird

The Conservatory of Music and Arts in Orlando presents the family play "The Blue Bird," a beautiful theatrical production that takes you on a journey in search of happiness.

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The Suitcase

Carpe Diem presents the solo "La Maleta," a tribute to the resilience of the immigrant community and its contribution in the United States.


The Stars Blower

Holding the I Latin American festival of performing arts, Open Scene Orlando is proudly to present the first spanish family play in Orlando with this beautiful, magic and atypical story... "The Stars blower" Written by the Argentinian author Ricardo Talento and directed by Gio Quezada.

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Open Scene proudly organizes the 1st Exhibition of Epistolary Texts. A selection of the letters received will be shared through live performance and via streaming on our YouTube channel on Sunday, March 7, 2021, in commemoration of International Women's Day.
We want to inspire, give a voice, and empower other brave and resilient women like you through these stories

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Audiovisual shorts series that compiles and recreate some of the best cultural productions of the Hispanic world. Poetry, music, cinema, theater, literature, visual arts.  Starting with Spain and from Argentina to Venezuela in alphabetical order, a cast of Latin artists creates a mosaic of emotions to our senses' delight.

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A Doll's House

Quarantine version of the classic play from Hernrik Ibsen, adapted and produced by Open Scene.


Before the world was Big

A young girl in an immigrant family comes face to face with the scarifies her mother has made for her.
Directed by Juanita Umana.

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The Little Prince

Mad Cow theatre presents the bilingual reading "The little Prince" by Antoine de Saint - Exupery, adapted and directed by Eliana Stratico.


Mariana Pineda

The Spanish program at Mad Cow theatre company presents "Mariana Pineda" by Federico Garcia Lorca and directed y Bobbie Bell.


The Glass Menagerie

Mad Cow theatre presents the Spanish reading of the play "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, translated by Leon Mirlas and directed by Eliana Stratico.


The House of Bernarda Alba

The center for fine & performing arts of Seminole State College presents " The House of Bernanrda Alba"  by Federico Garcia Lorca  in a new version by Emely Mann and irected by Nadya Prema


Mundo de Lobas

Feature Film directed by Ivelize Santiago



The Hispanic heritage embodies a captivating fusion of Indigenous, African, and Spanish influences, forming a rich tapestry of cultural diversity. This amalgamation reflects the intricate history of our origins, crafting a beautifully intricate and multifaceted identity. Ultimately, we are all interconnected, stemming from a shared ancestral lineage. Presented by Open Scene at Fusion Fest Festival.


Mundo de Lobas

Spanish musical Video by Angel Lopez, theme of the featured film "World of wolves"

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