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Gio Quezada was born in Lima, Peru, and from a young age, she displayed a deep interest and passion for theatre, dance, and writing. This early fascination with the performing arts led her to pursue a career in drama education. She enrolled at the National School of Dramatic Arts in Peru, where she specialized in drama education.

After graduating from the National School of Dramatic Arts, Gio Quezada took on the role of director for the theater cast at the Technology University of Peru (UTP). She wrote and directed several notable plays, including "Whores," "Christmas Miracles," and "Victims of Victims." These works showcased her creativity, storytelling abilities, and keen understanding of human emotions and societal issues. This experience allowed her to further refine her directing skills and nurture the talents of young actors and actresses.

In pursuit of her acting career, Gio Quezada moved to Orlando. She wasted no time in immersing herself in the local performing arts scene. She began her acting journey by participating in the films "World of Wolves" and "Before the World Was Big," showcasing her versatility on the big screen. Additionally, she took part in a classical theatre production at Seminole College, portraying a role in the acclaimed play "The House of Bernarda Alba."

Gio Quezada's theatrical pursuits in Orlando extended to collaborations with esteemed theater companies such as Teatro de la Florida Central, Mad Cow Theatre Company, and Open Scene. She graced the stage in various productions, including "Ezequiel Store", "The Glass Menagerie," "Mariana Pineda," "The Little Prince," "A Doll's House," "Prolifica," "Voices," and "Yerma." She was part of the first Latinx Performing Arts Festival in Orlando, directing and acting in the play for Young Audiences "The Star Blower". She currently collaborates with the Conservatory of Music and Arts by conducting artistic workshops and directing the family play "The Blue Bird" with them in 2023.

Driven by her desire to promote Spanish-language theater within the Latin community, Gio Quezada founded the Carpe Diem Performing Arts theater group with her first project "LA Maleta," a play she wrote and performed in, highlighting the resilience of the immigrant community in the United States.

Throughout her career, Gio Quezada has consistently demonstrated her passion, talent, and dedication to the performing arts. Her ability to write, direct, and act across various mediums has solidified her presence in the theater scene. As she continues to explore new avenues and captivate audiences, Gio Quezada remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of theater and beyond.




  • 2023: "The Blue bird" at ME Theater - Role: Lady Night.

  • 2023: "The Suitcase" at ME Theater - Role: Lina.

  • 2021: "The Stars Blower" at Open Scene Orlando - Role: Cibelina.

  • 2021: "Voices" at Open Scene Orlando - Role: Women Four.

  • 2021: "Yerma" at Open Scene Orlando - Role: Yerma.

  • 2020:  "Prolifica" at Open Scene Orlando - Various voice over.

  • 2020: "Casa de Muñecas" at Open Scene Orlando - Role: Cristina.

  • 2019: "The Little Prince" at Mad Cow Theatre - Role: Flower /Snake.

  • 2019: "Mariana Pineda" at Mad Cow Theatre - Role: Amparo / Nun.

  • 2018: "The Glass Menagerie" at Mad Cow Theatre - Role: Laura.

  • 2017: "The House of Bernarda Alba" at Center of performing Arts of Seminole State College - Role: Mourning Woman.

  • 2014 : "Whores" at Theatre Festival of CVU - Role: Violeta.

  • 2012: "The Monkey, the tiger and the turtle" at ENSAD - Perú - Role: Monkey Machin.

  • 2011: "Stories of the city" at ENSAD - Perú- Role: Tango Dancer.


  • TV Advertainment: "Solar Installers of Florida" - Role: The Wife.

  •  Short film "Before the world was big" directed by Juanita Umaña.

  • TV Advertainment:  "Pardy & Rodriguez Law Firm" - Role: Latina.

  • Feature Film "World of wolves" directed by Ivelize Santiago - Role: Frances.

  • Musical video: "World of wolves" by Angel Lopez- Role: Women police.


  • 2023: "The Blue Bird" Adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck by Gio Quezada at ME Theater.

  • 2021: "The Stars Blower" by Ricardo Talento at Mad Cow Theatre.

  • 2016: "Ezequiel Toy Store" by Hernando Acuña at Teatro hispano de la Florida Central.

  • 2012 - 2014: Director of the Theatre cast of Cultural Center of University Technological of Peru.

  • 2014: "Whores" by Gio Quezada at Theatre Festival of UCV - Perú.

  • 2013: "Victims of victims" by Gio Quezada at Teatro del Poder Judicial de Perú.

  • 2012: "Christmas Miracle" by Gio Quezada at UTP.

  • 2011: "The 7 deadly sins" by Gio Quezada at UTP. 


  • 2023: Adaptation of the classic "The Blue Bird" by Maurrice Maeterlinck

  • 2023: "The Suitcase"

  • 2022: "Quya".

  • 2014: "Whores".

  • 2013: "Victims of Victims".

  • 2012: "Christmas Miracle".

  • 2011: "The 7 deadly sins".

Drama Teacher

  • 2023: Conservatorio de Musica y Artes / Drama Teacher / Spanish Theater program for the Latin community.

  • 2021: Creatividad para el manejo de la ansiedad / Spanish Workshop / Festival Latinx de Artes Escenicas / Open Scene.

  • 2013: Jean Le Boulch School / Drama teacher / Realization of plays according to the needs of the school curriculum of kinder garden.

  • 2012: Juan Enrique Newman School / Drama teacher /  Realization of plays according to the needs of the school curriculum of elementary and middle school.


  • 2023: Spirit of Samba: Brasil dance Style

  • 2019: Era Entertainment: Caribbean dance Style


  • 2017: Party Show Orlando: Kids Entertaiment.


  • Graduated from National School of Dramatic Arts "Guillermo Ugarte y Chamorro"  - Bachelor of fine arts  in Dramatic Education - Peru.

  • Playwriting program Level 1, 2 and 3 at School of Dramatic Arts "Guillermo Ugarte y Chamorro"  - Peru.

  • Musical Theatre Program - "Las Mascaras" Cultural Association

  • Acting program - Preludio Cultural Association - Peru.

  • Spanish Acting Masterclass at Mad Cow Theatre Company - Orlando, Florida.

  • Acting on Camera at Maile School - Orlando Florida.

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